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Facility List :
Overview Summary of Plant and Capabilities
Building: 25,000 ft.
7 Aluminum Die Cast Machines from 120 Ton to 400 Ton.
Size Capability of Parts:
up to 7 Kgs in Pressure Die Casting and 30 Kgs in Gravity Die Casting.
Machining Capability:
CNC Vertical Mills, various dedicated machining centers.
Assembly Capability:
Various assembly onto castings of purchased items.
Departmental Equipment List :
Engineering & Design, CAD Seats, Cadkey & ProE, 1 Tool Design Software for Die Casting Dies, FlowPred, RunDes, FanDes System.
Die Casting Department :
A. 1 400 Ton Aluminium Cold Chamber, BUHLER
B. 1 250 Ton Cold Chamber, TOSHIBA
C. 2 120 Ton Cold Chamber, TOSHIBA
D. 3 120 Ton Cold Chamber, TOSHIBA
Machining Department :
A. 1 CNC Vertical Machine Center, with 25 tool changers.
B. 1 CNC Tourwing Center
Engineering :
Our highly skilled, creative engineers provide assistance to our customers and prospective customers with quotes, rapid prototyping and tooling design. They act as project managers, working closely with the production and quality and sales. These combined efforts facilitate the development of functional, practical tool designs and improve quality and efficiency in all phases of engineering and production.
Tooling Design

UTME designs your die cast tooling with durability, and casting properties that combine to give our customer long tooling life and parts with consistantly reliable quality.We design in-house and have the die cast tools constructed by our base of skilled suppliers. Our dies are constructed of Premium H-13 material.

QA System :

Advanced Quality/Production Planning

A Part Control Plan is generated for each part manufactured identifying all key product characteristics and defining the methods for their control.
A Process Flowchart is generated and defines the manufacturing process as well as the interaction and controls throughout the product realization.
Process Failure Mode & Effects Analysis is performed to assure the prevention of defectives through the manufacturing process.
A Full Metrology Review of the key parameters is performed and methods established to assure design intent is met.
A Full Dimensional Layout is performed to verify mold design and part print compliance in the pre-production phase.

Measuring Equipment

Spectrometer for Spectrographic Analysis of Alloy
Standard calibrated instruments used throughout industry to verify key product characteristics

Quality Control

Part Qualification: First-Piece Inspection at the start of each production run.
SPC: Variable and Attribute Control Charting during the production run.

Part Evaluation: Last Piece Inspection at the end of each production run.

Final Audit: Random sampling of each ship lot for compliance of key characteristics.

Quality Assurance Team

KPMG Certifications in Quality Engineering, Quality Auditing, Quality Technology, and Mechanical Inspection.
Our cross-functional approach to Quality is personified by Product Control Teams
Internally Certified Operators demonstrate our commitment to Continual Improvement.
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